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Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch auf unserer Website! Hier finden Sie die besten Online-Casino für 21 Blackjack! Wir haben jedes der Casinos getestet und diese sortiert für Sie aufgelistet. Beginnen Sie noch heute Online Blackjack zu spielen!

Welcome to Online BlackJack Play
We are glad you have chosen to visit our online blackjack site. We have compiled a lot of information (and still growing!!) for you to learn about blackjack and hopefully have some fun doing it. If you are totally new to the game you might want to start in our -how to play- section. If you have the basics down then the strategy sections are probably for you. Read the history and tips section for some interesting blackjack facts.

Firstly we would like to mention some good basic pointers:

If the house rules are the same, games that use the least number of decks are more favorable than the games that use more decks.This is because the players will receive more Blackjacks and win more of their double downs.The casino know this and they usually have slightly less favorable house rules on their single and double deck games to offset this advantage.

For players playing basic strategy, it doesn't matter which seat you sit at, they will all yield the same advantage for them in the long run.This is also true for players who alter their bet size based on the true count.For players who alter their playing strategy based on the true count, however, third base will yield the best advantage.

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